Keela Davis

MSU Outstanding Young Alumna Award

    Getting the banquet started.   Receiving the stellar plaque.     During my acceptance speech, my right high heel found the seam of the stage and got wedged into the small gap.  While I was talking (and trying … Read More

Congo Relived

My 8th trip to Congo was fantastic.  Kinshasa, DRC is about as different as it gets from living in Springfield, MO….but it feels like home.  Here is how the trip went…. And in pictures… It really looked worse than it … Read More

Alumni Award

In June I received a call from the Executive Director of Alumni Relations at Missouri State University.  She called to inform me that I had been nominated and selected to receive this year’s Outstanding Young Alumni Award! A friend had … Read More


I got a call last week asking me to be on the Jim Bohannon national radio talk show last Thursday – and am I glad I said yes!  Radio talk shows are awesome and Jim Bohannon is a great host. … Read More

I blame malaria.

Have you heard of those adults who out of the blue develop big-time allergies?  If you haven’t – well, now you have. This winter I didn’t have allergies, by late spring/early summer, I had developed allergies to almost everything people … Read More

Updates on Baby Joshua and Imara

Mostly good news to share on the two medical miracle kids that have come to the States over the last 6 months! Baby Joshua is growing!  He is weighing in at just over 18 lbs. and you probably wouldn’t be … Read More

Imara Update

I know many people are interested in hearing how Imara is doing.  She is doing good in ways we thought she would not be, but not so good in ways we didn’t quite expect. She is learning English, playing great … Read More

Imara made it!

Well, after lots of prayer, Imara made it to the US and is doing very well! After leaving Kinshasa, Lucy and Imara made their way to the Air France lounge in Paris, where Imara enjoyed sampling all the various fares … Read More

Imara is coming to the U.S.!

Imara is in route to the U.S. to receive medical care!  She will be at Cox Health by Monday morning to start receiving the care she needs!  Hallelujah! Imara was running a fever today, so prayers for her and Lucy … Read More